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VSS (Veteran Security Service) is the region's most professional security companies in China, more than a dozen cities and regions to carry out operations, number of employees reached 2000, more than 42000 people every day to provide security services. The company mainly engaged in two businesses: security services, anti-technology and network alarm service. With our rich experience, strong team, a sound technology to provide you with professional security solutions. VSS (Veteran Security Service) was founded in 2007, is a professional in the legal profession, retired military personnel, senior defense division to form a professional security company, the business scope covers the security of human security, large-scale public events security precautions, security technology to prevent, Security Training, security escort services, in the fierce market competition has a leading position. We are according to the requirements of every customer personalized service customized programs, from various angles to provide customers with high quality security services. Companies adhering to the "your safety, my mission" business purposes, and actively explore and bold attempts, constantly sum up experience in development, out of a line with China's national conditions and development with Chinese characteristics and the security of the road and to the usual "sincere cooperation , forge ahead "spirit of enterprise for your escort. VSS (Veteran Security Service), your caring guardian, select the VSS is a choice of safe!




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