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August 2,2011, we carry out the

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With the arrival of the rainy season in north China, for the last few days, for high temperature, for to actively respond to extreme temperatures, the company actively carry out "the organization of a cool summer" to a series of activities, to protect a staff in the summer the physical and mental health, peace for the summer. For in very hot under the fighting in sending our staff to the company's purpose concern and miss.
On August 2, at about 8, the general manager, deputy general manager CaoLiWei WangQingLong for the two teams of sympathy, carry tea, sugar, watermelon, wash the supplies of heat-prevention materials into the project. The In the stationary point project, CaoLiWei representing the company and management personnel in all the security officer to project sincere greetings and greetings. CaoLiWei said, WanDeLun security team is a style skilled, and business skills, and an excellent team, is the customer of the powerful backing in security. He pointed out that, in BaoAnYe development faced this big good situation, the status of the security team more prominent, the task harder, more glorious mission, more sacred duty. Hope all the security officer and first-line managers, further strengthen the leadership, strengthen the construction work, comprehensively promote the comprehensive level security and more useful to perform "WanDeLun guard sacred mission, continue for the development of the company, the customer security guard, exhibition and to make new greater contributions. WangQingLong, such as CaoLiWei deep into the basic security station, walked into the staff dormitory see security officer, and the officer intimate conversation, and they presented to convey to you, caffeine arts company's affection.
Through a cool and refreshing and activities, not only really feel the company to all employees care, also reveals the step of our enterprise social responsibility and the sense of mission. 


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