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Nanjing public security bureau security supervision organization brigade held the national security

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August 3,, in nanjing morning security service corporation of the newly built in nanjing, the examination for the qualifications of security officer, and nanjing public security bureau security supervision center held the first brigade of the national security officer qualifications "exam, from gulou branch company of security unit 50 security officer participated in the examination. Nanjing public security bureau deputy ZhiDuiChang XuMing public security team, nanjing security service company general manager WuJianYue drum and highly, leadership branch personally came to the examination room, make sure all work of the guidance for the exam.
The test on 10 o 'clock in the morning begin on time, smooth, test security officer the answer in good condition. The questions of the exam and security are closely related to the daily work content, including the security work of etiquette, professional morality and behavior standards, etc.
According to information, nanjing security service corporation and each branch company of more than ten thousand engineers security officer in the partial will stage qualification exam center for the exam, for this, the head office, buy a professional investment test equipment, and arrange special examination service work. Security officer exam into national qualification examination, regulating the security industry after the management, to the improvement of the quality of their own security officer has the extremely vital significance. Head office will continue to cooperate with related departments, strengthen the bureau examination training work, do well during the test each service guarantee work, the community to provide posts qualified security officer.
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