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Guangdong: more than security officer 40 years to complete fire training

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"In future security service or newly-recruited security officer, through to the corresponding fire fighting skill level exam, specialized in building automatic fire control system operation security officer to get special type of fire industry professional qualification certificate."
Recently, the special requirements of guangdong provincial public security posts, public security organs at all levels will fire safety work in line with the security service industry regulator, the category of effectively promoting security team fire training work.
According to introducing, at present there are more than 400000 people in guangdong security team, to make full use of its eliminate fire hazards, save in the beginning of the fire, organization evacuate and fire control propaganda and education training, the role of the guangdong provincial public security requirements, the security guards working unit will fire safety skills training into the security guard post training, on-the-job training, training content, and strive to came before the end of this year, has been engaged in the security service and new recruits to develop a security officer not less than two days of fire fighting skills training. At the same time, the relevant training mechanism also will further improve, such as security service and new recruits in the security officer to through the corresponding fire fighting skill level exam, will fire safety knowledge into security officer level qualification exam content and so on.
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